Frequently Asked Questions: What are Rollguard EU fibre cradles made from?

The next installment in the Frequently Asked Questions series is: What are Rollguard EU fibre cradles made from?

Rollguard EU fibre cradles are made from a mixture of pre-consumer corrugated clippings (byproduct of producing boxes) and water to create a thick wall molded pulp. Most people think of egg cartons (thin wall) when they hear molded pulp. However, thick wall molded pulp is just that, thicker, and therefore offers greater strength and is generally used to package heavier items that require extra support and cushioning. Visually, it is very easy to distinguish thick wall from thin wall. Thick wall is approximately 5mm to 10mm thick and thin wall is generally in the range of 2mm to 4mm.

Once the molded pulp and water are mixed together, the mixture is vacuumed into a mold and placed in an oven to dry for the desired part.

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