Frequently Asked Questions: Is there anything new happening at Rollguard EU?

The next installment in the Frequently Asked Questions series is: Is there anything new happening at Rollguard EU?

In fact, there is ALWAYS something new going on at Rollguard EU.  Whether we are developing new parts to meet a customer need or attending a tradeshow, we always have something to share with our blog readers.

We just finished photographing/filming a few product shots and demos that will be added to our website in the coming months.  You can look for the new content to be uploaded to the website sometime during the month of September.  Our intention is to give you an even better understanding of not only how our products work, but also why they are more efficient and effective than other roll packaging alternatives.  We are very excited to launch this second phase of the website and hope you will take a look at the new website in September.  Until then, try out our other website features, including the Product Configurator.

Please comment on this blog post with follow up questions or suggest a future topic on our Frequently Asked Questions Blog.



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