Roll Cradles For Agricultural Film and Fabric

Rollguard® is a high-quality solution for carefully protecting nonwovens during shipping, handling and storage. This lightweight and stackable solution makes it easy to delicately handle your materials. Whether you need to move a shipment around the warehouse by hand or maneuver large shipments with a forklift, our roll cradles get the job done.

Reel Packaging For Agricultural Fabrics and Film

Our team provides fiber roll cradles so your organization has peace of mind loading, shipping and unloading agricultural fabrics and films. Common industry solutions we often provide include:

  • Soil protection
  • Greenhouse farming
  • Mulching


Pallet Configuration For Agricultural Films and Agricultural Fabric

Every fiber cradle we produce comes in standard sizes ranging from as small as 60 centimeters to as large as 120 centimeters. Not sure what size to pick? We’ve taken the guesswork out of the process with our complimentary product configuration tool.

It’s a seamless process — just enter the specifications you need for your roll configuration and pallet width, along with the product’s diameter. Then, we’ll provide you with a customized recommendation from the molded fiber cradle catalog. The final step is to request a quote so we can send you an estimate for the batch size you specified or a free sample to test the product.

Benefits of Using Rollguard® For Packaging Solutions

Several key advantages that set Rollguard apart include:

  • Flexible: Each fiber cradle has heavy-duty strength to manage big loads while remaining light and mobile
  • Eco-friendly: We build each Rollguard EU product with 100% recycled materials that give back to the environment
  • Maximized warehouse floorspace: You can double-stack our solutions to save time on packing each skid and maximize every centimeter of your available space

Contact Rollguard®

Rollguard is a Germany-based industry-leading manufacturer of molded fiber cradle solutions. We set ourselves apart with our commitment to excellence and five-star customer service team. We always go above and beyond to exceed customer expectations for safety and efficiency.

Need a fiber cradle solution for your nonwoven textiles? One of our areas of specialty is the production of fiber cradles designed for agricultural film and fabric. Connect with a Rollguard® online representative today to chat with questions or submit your order for a pallet of roll cradles.