Frequently Asked Questions

What are Rollguard cradles?

Rollguard fibre cradles are an innovative packaging product for all roll and cylindrical products.  Cradles are used to help transport and store these products.  They offer numerous benefits compared to other packaging methods including pyramiding, boxes, and custom pallets.  Rollguard fibre cradles are also 100% recyclable.

Why use Rollguard fibre cradles?

There are many reasons to use cradles including:

What kinds of applications can fibre cradles be used for?

Fibre cradles can be used in any application that involves a roll or cylindrical product. Some of these applications include:  medical films, roofing materials, roll-up doors, stretch wrap, shrink film, paper rolls, tape, coated films, and many others.  Please view our Applications page for more information.

How do I use fibre roll cradles?

Please view our “How to Guide” for Rollguard samples to learn how to separate a cradle pair along with how to build a pallet with cradles. Also, click on the “View Demo” on the top of the page to view a video as to how use fiber cradles as well.   If you need more assistance after receiving samples contact the Rollguard Sales Department for more tips and help.

Difference between pairs and singles?

Most of the Rollguard fibre cradles arrive as a pair. The cradles are produced in pairs for efficient manufacturing and ease of use.  Cradles will need to be separated at the perforation line by folding back and forth and pulling apart from the sides rather than front to back.  Separated portions of the fibre cradles are used for support on the pallet and on top of the last layer of rolled goods.  Pairs are folded over in between layers to provide stability and roll protection throughout the entire pallet.

How do I find what fibre cradle matches the best with my product and application?

Use our “Pallet Configurator” to find out what size cradle you require. You will need to know how many rolls you want per layer, the pallet width, and the roll diameter.  After you determine the fibre cradle, contact Rollguard Sales Department to acquire a quote.

Can I get sample cradles and how fast?

Yes samples are available. We provide enough cradles to stack one full pallet of rolled goods.  Samples are available free of charge.  Shipping charges from Neustadt, Germany will apply.  Samples will arrive within 3 – 4 days after request has been made, and we received all of the necessary details to proceed.  To obtain samples contact the Rollguard Sales Department.

What is the minimum order size?

Rollguard sells fibre cradles in a bundle. A bundle is a set package of fibre cradles.  Quantity of fibre cradles in a bundle vary based upon size of the roll cradle.   Each bundle arrives on either a Euro or Standard size pallet.  Quantities per bundle and the type of skid will be shown on a quote at the time of the offer.

How do I contact Rollguard Sales Department?

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