Rollguard Roll Cradle Demo



This video shows how to effectively use Rollguard roll cradles to create maximum stability and protection for your shipment.

Find the solution that works for you by configuring your pallet or learn more about the advantages of Rollguard.

How To Use Roll Cradles 

  • Place each cradle on as much of the deck boards as possible.
  • Tear the roll cradle pairs into singles for the bottom and top layers. 
  • Prior to separating the roll cradles, flex the cradle 2-3 times.
  • You must separate cradles from left to right NOT front to back.
  • Place the cradles near the end of the rolls to create a base with maximum support.
  • Once the first layer is placed, start stacking the rolls. 
  • To form a double-sided cradle, you must fold the cradles in half. 
  • Do NOT tear the cradle. 
  • While stacking the layers, the cradles must be kept in a vertical alignment.
  • To finish the pallet, use the same technique as the bottom layer to separate the pairs into singles, then invert the cradle on the top layer.
  • Place wood lattice that is equal to, or slightly larger than the cradle on top of the inverted single.
  • Next, place banding over the wood lattice and around the cradles to secure the load to the pallet.
  • After banding, stretch wrap the load. Start at the base of the pallet to ensure stability.



Advantages of Rollguard Over Wood and Foam

Sanitary: There is no need for “treated” wood, and the cradles are free of any plant disease or insects. 

Softer: Rolluard’s roll cradles will cushion your product, which reduces markings on the roll.

Space Savings: Our roll cradles have the ability to nest and take up little warehouse space. One part is able to serve as both the base as well as the middle pieces. 

Clean: There is no need to worry about splinters or sawdust. 

Lightweight: Molded fibre is made out of recycled paper products, making it much lighter than traditional wood. 

Safe: Roll cradles do not require nailing or stapling.

Quick & Easy: Our roll cradles are made up of one part, allowing them to be easily and safely packaged multiple layers high on each pallet. 

Recyclable: Rollguard parts are disposed of with other boxes & paper refuse to recycle again. 

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