Roll Cradles for Coated Film Rolls

Does your company ship, handle and store coated films? You need a reliable packaging solution that protects these sensitive materials from scratches, dents and scrapes that can make them unusable.

Rollguard® is your one-stop headquarters for high-quality roll cradles and reel packaging for coated film rolls that deliver superior protection at every phase of the packaging, shipping and warehousing process. Count on us to provide a solution that exceeds your expectations and adds significant value to your business.

Reel Packaging for Coated Film Rolls

Our roll cradles and reel packaging products provide numerous benefits:

  • Protection: Our products offer the extra stability and security to safeguard your coated film rolls and prevent damage. You’ll have more peace of mind knowing your customers’ shipments will arrive in peak condition.
  • Cost savings: The increased efficiency our reel packaging provides can significantly reduce shipping, storage and handling costs
  • Easy to unpack: Warehousing crews can unload rolls faster and with less hassle, saving valuable time and labor
  • Easy to ship: You’ll appreciate how our roll cradles streamline and simplify the shipping process while reducing the risk of damage
  • Environmentally friendly: We manufacture our products with 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials


Pallet Configurations for Coated Film Rolls

Rollguard makes it easy to find the perfect solution for your skid packaging applications. We offer nearly three dozen products, enabling you to make the right match for your pallets’ size and your specific roll packaging requirements.

We make choosing the best product easier and more accurate with access to our user-friendly online configuration tool. Enter your roll configuration, pallet width and roll diameter specifications to determine your best purchasing option.

Custom Skid Packaging for Coated Film

Does your business need a uniquely configured skid packaging product you can’t locate in our stock inventory? We can manufacture a custom solution that meets your specifications. Our in-house experts will collaborate with you to develop and produce a tailored item that fulfills your expectations.

Contact Rollguard® for Your Roll Cradle Solution

Learn more about how our roll cradles can protect coated film rolls effectively and affordably. View our product inventory online and contact us for additional information or to discuss your customization requirements today. You can also request a sample of any of our cradles or ask for a free, no-obligation quote.