Roll Cradles for Flooring

When considering all the time and money you put into manufacturing high-quality flooring, the last thing you want to deal with is damage from shipping, handling or storage. Finding an effective packaging method that protects your roll products can often be challenging. Conventional cartons are usually not an option because of the void areas between the box and the product.

Rollguard® has developed a revolutionary fiber cradle that provides superior shipping protection, eliminating the need for expensive foam inserts and cushioning that many companies use for long-distance transport. We offer these cradles in multiple stock options and custom designs to fit the needs of your product and shipping applications.

Custom Roll Cradles for Flooring and Rugs

Our roll cradles allow you to efficiently stack your flooring and rug rolls on a pallet without having to worry about instability or damage. We manufacture our cradles from molded pulp using a combination of recycled newsprint and corrugated fiberboard. We blend the materials into a slurry and mold them into shapes based on the product application.

All the materials we use to make these cradles are 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

Rollguard’s roll cradles can handle all the challenges that come with packaging your flooring products, including vinyl rolls, rubber mats and rugs. Our fiber cradles can provide significant protection to your product regardless of its size and shape.


Custom Roll Cradles for Wallpaper

Our roll cradles also provide optimal solutions for shipping wallpaper rolls. We can supply you with cradles to accommodate almost any size roll from 8-127 centimeters in diameter. If you need a design we don’t stock, our team can help you develop a cradle designed specifically for your application.

The cradles work by placing them along the base of a pallet, then laying the product securely into the cradle. A new set of cradles hold another level of rolls for each tier.

Pallet Configurations for Flooring and Wallpaper

Rollguard’s pulp roll cradles allow you to use many different unitization formats. We manufacture our cradles to hold one or several rolls on each pallet layer. Check out our roll handling configuration tool to discover which cradle and pallet pattern works best for your application.

Benefits of Using Rollguard® Roll Cradles

Advantages of using our roll cradles for your flooring products include:

  • Strength and durability: Our cradles can handle the heaviest pallet loads, from single large rolls to stacks containing multiple rolls.
  • Eco-friendliness: Other packaging products like thermoformed plastics require disposal after each use. Our cradles are entirely recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Increased space and production efficiencies: The ability to nest allows you to store more finished roll products in less space, and it is much easier for your employees to work with.
  • Easier unpacking: Your customers will appreciate you more when they discover how easy it is to unpack flooring rolls secured by our cradles.

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