Roll Cradles for Medical Film

Many different films for the medical industry come in roll form, requiring the highest protection and stabilization levels to prevent damage during shipping, handling and storage. Traditional packaging materials like boxes are often ineffective because of the void they leave around the product.

At Rollguard, we manufacture an extensive line of roll cradle protective products to handle your medical packaging requirements. These cradles provide the security and stability your merchandise needs to arrive safely and undamaged at your customer’s facility.

Cylinder and Reel Packaging for Medical Film

In medical manufacturing, the need for high-quality packaging is crucial. Providing sufficient packaging for transport is vital to maintaining a productive bottom line. Below are some examples of the medical products our roll cradles can protect during shipment:

  • Cylindrical tanks
  • Surgical films
  • Modular cylinders
  • Textile rolls
  • Adhesive films

The material we use to make our roll cradles provides higher protection levels than lighter materials like foam and newsprint, ensuring your medical products arrive at their destination in top condition.

These cradles come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate a broad range of unitization needs. If your application requires a packaging cradle that we don’t stock, our design team can help you customize one specific to your application.


Benefits of Using Roll Cradles From Rollguard®

Some of the advantages you’ll experience when using our roll cradles for your medical film over conventional packaging products include:

  • Labor savings: Our cradles reduce the amount of packaging materials for the manufacturer and decrease unloading costs for the customer by allowing more product per shipment. Fewer packaging products also mean increased material savings for your company.
  • Increased space efficiency: Rollguard cradles take up less floor space than many foams, end caps and corrugated insert designs.
  • Reduced freight costs: The efficient stacking configurations allow you to load more product onto a truck in less space. Many configurations allow double-stacking, enabling you to use vertical space and save even more money.
  • Environmentally friendly: We manufacture our cradles from materials that are 100% biodegradable and recyclable.
  • Enhanced safety: Since our cradles provide a secure section for product placement, they are less susceptible to movement and shifting, increasing safety levels for employees.

Pallet Configurations and Skid Packaging for Medical Film

Our roll cradles work by placing them along the pallet’s base, then securely laying the first layer of product into the cradle. The cradles double-up on each subsequent layer, providing adequate protection to the top and bottom of your medical items. We ship the cradles in hinge pairs, allowing for easy folding or breaking apart.

Our broad range of cradle designs allows you to create multiple pallet configurations for your medical products, from single-stack layouts to patterns consisting of multiple rolls. Explore our configuration tool to learn which product design best fits your application.

Trusting Rollguard® With Your Medical Film Packaging Needs

Together, we can find the perfect packaging product for shipping your medical film and other materials. Contact us online today to request a quote, sample or more information for any of our roll cradle products. Our expert team of professionals stands ready to assist you.