Roll Cradles for Paper Rolls

When packaging rolls of unprinted or printed paper, it is important to use a packaging system that can ensure maximum protection against damage from transportation hazards.

Rollguard’s roll cradle packaging solutions offer optimal protection when warehousing, shipping and handling paper rolls. We manufacture our custom roll cradles in Germany from thick and durable molded pulp — a sustainable, 100% compostable and recyclable material resulting in lower overhead costs and less waste.

Custom Roll Cradles for Your Paper Products

Our roll cradles for paper rolls are an ideal choice for all paper roll types, including:

  • Kraft paper: A popular choice for packaging material, kraft paper is lightweight and affordable.
  • Newsprint: Perfect for lint-free wrapping, newsprint is wallet-friendly and clean.
  • Polycoated paper: Extra protection from grease makes this paper the go-to choice for machine part packaging.
  • Flame-resistant paper: For use in volatile environments, like welding, to prevent ignition.
  • Red rosin paper: This is an everyday accessory in painting and other construction applications.
  • Exam table paper: High degrees of sterility are essential for spas and medical practices.
  • Tyvek® paper: Olefin is ideal for protecting fragile items like artwork or delicate textiles.

No matter which type of paper you’re using, Rollguard has the right pallet configuration for paper rolls for your business. Our molded fiber cradles come in standard skid sizes ranging from 60 cm to 120 cm wide and meet high demands for paper roll handling, storage and transport.

Our Solutions

Paper roll stacking techniques

The Rollguard® Process

Discovering the right choice for your paper roll needs begins with our exclusive product configurator. Choose your pallet size, roll count style and roll dimensions to receive instant product recommendations. Then, request your free sample, and we’ll deliver it within 3 to 4 days so you can see it in action in your space.

Order Your Paper Roll Molded Pulp Cradles From Rollguard

We’re a premier molded fiber cradle company in Europe, fabricating and delivering from our conveniently located facilities in Germany. Our team of talented engineers and manufacturers provide affordable, quality skid packaging solutions for roll-based products, doing what others can’t or won’t. Contact a Rollguard representative for more information on saving your business time, money and space.