Roll Cradles for Roll-Up Doors

Heavy steel roll-up doors require an innovative shipping and storage solution that is gentle enough to protect the metal from denting and strong enough to prevent shifting and bumping during transit.

Rollguard’s soft but durable fiber cradles offer the rigidity and stability necessary to hold your pallet configurations tightly while cushioning the products to prevent costly damage and downtime. Learn more about how our German-made skid packaging solutions for roll-up doors can help you.

Skid Packaging for Roll-Up Doors

A fiber cradle is a convenient, cost-effective packaging solution for rolled and cylindrical products — from tape to roll-up doors. Unlike wood, pulp fiber cradles do not produce sawdust or require stapling or nailing. They provide an easy way to store more parts per pallet and stack more configurations.

Our compact, lightweight pulp fiber cradles help manufacturers save on time, money and labor efforts because they:

  • Are easy and safe to use
  • Take up less warehouse space
  • Reduce outbound freight costs
  • Require less material than other solutions
  • Provide a safe working environment


Pallet Configuration for Roll-Up Doors

Not sure which of our products is suitable for your pallet configuration? Rollguard provides molded fiber cradles in standard pallet sizes, from 60 to 120 centimeters. We also offer a pallet configuration tool that helps determine which of our packaging solutions is suitable for your application.

To begin, fill in your configuration, pallet width and roll diameter. When you’ve found the right Rollguard solution for your application, request your free sample. We’ll ship it to you within three to four business days so you can try it out to make sure it’s the right fit before you commit to ordering a large batch.

The Benefits of Using Rollguard® for Packaging Solutions

There are several advantages to using Rollguard pulp cradles over other cradling materials like foam and wood:

  • Easier unpacking: Our versatile, lightweight fiber pulp cradles nest well and make loading and unloading freight safe and hassle-free.
  • Greater eco-friendliness: The recyclable pulp material reduces your overall waste, making it a more sustainable solution than foam for large factories and warehouses.
  • Increased space and production efficiencies: Save space by loading more parts per pallet with our durable, stackable fiber cradles.
  • Strength and durability: The thick-walled pulp material is durable yet soft and pliant, ensuring products are fully supported and protected from damage.
  • Made in Germany: Your custom fiber pulp cradles are manufactured and shipped from our central Europe location in Germany, ensuring fast and cost-effective delivery.

Contact Rollguard® for Your Custom Roll Cradles

As a leading molded fiber cradle manufacturing company in Europe, our engineers and manufacturers work hard to provide the most space- and cost-effective packaging solutions. Our premium, high-quality cylinder packaging for roll-up doors will protect your products from damage during shipping, handling and transportation while saving you space, time and money, ultimately improving your bottom line.

Get in touch with one of our knowledgeable Rollguard representatives today to learn how our innovative solutions can benefit your business.