Roll Cradles for Tape Rolls

Shipping, handling and storing tape requires extreme care to protect these sensitive items. These materials are easily damaged, which can lead to extensive inventory loss and dissatisfied customers.

Rollguard® can meet your protection needs with an assortment of roll cradles and reel packaging solutions. Whether your company handles masking, duct, electrical or any other tape material, you can trust us to provide a reliable, cost-effective solution.

Reel Packaging for Tape Rolls

Our reel packaging for tape products can deliver a host of benefits to your company:

  • Protection: Our packing solutions keep tape rolls stable and secure when storing, warehousing or shipping products
  • Cost savings: Reel packaging for tape facilitates a more efficient material handling process, reducing labor and other related expenses
  • Easy to unpack: Workers will be able to unload the shipping pallets quickly and without hassle, saving time and reducing mishandling mistakes
  • Easy to ship: Our roll cradles simplify the shipping process and help meet your customers’ expectations
  • Environmentally friendly: We manufacture our reel packaging and roll cradles for tape rolls with biodegradable, recyclable materials


Pallet Configurations for Tape Rolls

With a wide variety of product options, Rollguard® is sure to have the perfect roll cradles for tape rolls that meet your business’s unique needs. You’ll find multiple configuration options in our vast inventory.

We also eliminate the guesswork when selecting a roll cradle. Use our convenient online configurator tool to calculate your requirements accurately. Enter your specific roll configuration, pallet width and roll diameter figures into the boxes and instantly receive a list of products that fit your parameters.

Custom Skid Packaging for Tape Rolls

If you don’t see a suitable roll cradle or reel packaging product in our inventory, we can still help. We have the in-house capabilities to design and manufacture a customized solution that meets your requirements. Our team will collaborate with you during the development and production phases to ensure the finished product fulfills your business objectives.

Contact Rollguard® for Your Roll Cradle Solution

Let us help you obtain the ideal roll cradles for tape rolls. Take the next step by reviewing our inventory online and using the calculator to narrow your selection. You can also contact us to ask for additional information, discuss your customization requirements and request a free, no-obligation quote.