Roll Cradles for Vinyls

Companies that manufacture or distribute vinyl rolls put a lot of time and money into ensuring their products meet the highest levels of performance and quality. However, problems often arise during the shipping process. Some companies depend on a rectangular box to ship their rolls, creating air pockets between the vinyl and packaging that lead to significant damage.

At Rollguard®, we have developed a roll cradle packaging product that works well for vinyl and other materials. Our roll cradles provide a safe and cost-effective protection solution for your investment during shipping, handling and storage.

Cylinder and Reel Packaging for Vinyl

Conventional boxes fail to protect vinyl rolls sufficiently because of the extra space in the container. When you package a vinyl roll in a rectangular box, the air pockets cause the roll to move around. Some manufacturers load up these areas with foam and corner protectors to fill the voids, which creates additional time and cost.

Rollguard’s roll cradles offer an economical option to solve these problems. A simple, uniform design can ensure your materials remain secure during shipping. The cradles fit perfectly around the vinyl roll and provide significantly more stability during transport.

The recycled corrugated fiber pulp we use to manufacture our roll cradles provides much more protection than similar products made from lighter materials like newsprint. We offer these cradles in multiple configurations with the ability to secure rolls from 8-125 centimeters in diameter. We ship the rolls in hinged pairs that easily break apart for your convenience.

Some of the primary benefits of our roll cradles include:

  • Superior protection
  • Significant cost savings
  • More efficient skid packaging for the manufacturer 
  • Easier unpacking for the end-user
  • Environmentally Friendly 


Pallet Configurations for Vinyl Rolls

You can use our roll cradles in numerous pallet configurations. Our single-roll cradles house one roll per pallet and work for larger vinyl rolls. We offer several other designs to secure multiple smaller rolls on a single pallet.

Explore our roll handling product tool to discover which pallet configuration works best for you.

Custom Skid Packaging for Vinyl Rolls

Vinyl — also called polyvinyl chloride or PVC — is one of the world’s most versatile materials. It’s often the primary component when making anything from flooring to food wraps or automotive parts. It consists of two building blocks — ethylene and chlorine.

Vinyl’s durability and toughness make it one of the most used materials for building projects involving wall coverings, fencing, windows, roofing membranes and more. It remains a popular choice because it’s economical and easy to use. Compared to similar products, vinyl’s durability, maintenance and disposal costs present more significant savings than many of its counterpart materials.

Rollguard’s cradles are the perfect packaging solution for your vinyl roll packaging needs. These cradles provide the stability and protection you need during shipping, whether you’re shipping one roll or multiple rolls.

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