How to Use Your Rollguard® EU Samples

How to Use Your Rollguard® EU Samples

If you received Rollguard EU® Samples, you’re probably searching for a reliable and cost-effective solution to your packaging needs. This guide will show you how to build a pallet with roll cradles to get the maximum amount of stability and protection for your products.

Separating a Cradle Pair Into Singles

While the rest of your pallet construction will use pairs of Rollguard EU®, the bottom and top layers require singles. Our rolls come in pairs, so separating roll cradles into individual units is the first step to getting started.

1. Fold the cradle back and forth a few times along the perforated edge. You’ll need to flex the cradle at least three times to separate the two sections.

2. Once you’ve folded the cradles and weakened the seam, pull the two sections apart from side to side — or left to right — rather than front to back.


3. These two individual cradles will form the base of your pallet board. Repeat these steps to create two more individual cradles for the top layer of your pallet.


Building a Pallet With Cradles

We manufacture our Rollguard® EU cradles to match specific Euro pallet sizes. For example, if you select samples of the EU-100/4, you’ll receive cradles measuring 100 centimeters long that can hold four rolls across.

1. Place the separated cradles on the pallet laying parallel (when possible) to the deck boards, indented from the ends for added roll stability.


2. Place the cradles along the edge of the pallet near the ends of the rolls.


3. Once the bottom cradles are securely on the pallet, place the rolls on the cradles. Start with the center rolls to ensure the cradles stay in place.


4. Once all rolls are placed on the first layer, you can begin stacking the other rolls.


5. Fold two more cradle pairs in half to form double-sided cradles for the second layer of rolls. Do not tear the cradles in half.


6. Make sure you keep the cradles in vertical alignment when stacking layers of rolls.


7. Continue the process of layering two double-sided cradles in between rolls until you reach the required height.


8. Once the desired pallet height is packaged with cradles, separate a cradle pair into singles and invert them over the top rolls.


9. Place a piece of wood lattice (equal to or slightly longer than the cradle) on each of the inverted cradles.


10. Place banding over top of the wood and around the rolls.


Benefits of Using Rollguard® EU

Rollguard® EU has several benefits over traditional wood and foam structures. Our cradles are:

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