GM Media

Easy to Use, Sustainable Solution Leads to Improved Processes for GM Media

A large format printing media supplier for the European market was looking for a new packaging solution for shipping and storing their roll products. After learning about Rollguard’s molded fiber roll cradles, GM Media has been able to improve their shipping and storage process, reduce damage and improve customer satisfaction on deliveries. GM Media started in 2009 as a paper company and quickly evolved to offer a full range of media for the large format printing market in Europe. Leaving a positive footprint in the world is very important to GM Media which has motivated them to revise their product offering and transition to eco-friendlier alternatives, provide products made from recycled materials and launch their sustainable TIDY packaging technology. 

 Easy to Use, Sustainable Solution 

GM Media reached out to Rollguard looking for a solution to store and ship their roll products, help reduce product damage and to find a solution that aligns with their sustainability initiatives.  

 Their smaller roll products are shipped in boxes, but they needed a new solution for their heavier roll products. They were previously shipping their roll products using pyramid stacking or similar cradles made of foam. These solutions led to damaged products and a significant amount of unused space in transit.  

 “The design is simple and very easy for employees to use. The cradles are light, easy to store, and take up less space than our previous solutions. From our point of view, the Rollguard cradles have helped our deliveries become more efficient and friendlier to the environment,” says Mantas Ažusienis, Managing Director, GM Media.  

 Working with Rollguard, GM Media has improved their shipping and storage processes, reduced the amount of damaged product being delivered and improved their customer satisfaction.  

 “Working with Rollguard has been a simple and smooth experience. The solution they provide is high-quality and has led to a hassle-free transition,” says Mantas Ažusienis.     


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