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Round Rolls in Square Boxes Don’t Work, but Rollguard Cradles Do

If you saw a damaged package in a store, would you buy it?

You, along with everyone else, would most likely choose the item with the non-damaged box. It’s because customers assume if the box is damaged that the product inside is damaged. That’s a fair assumption; and it’s an assumption that was being made by customers of SPG Packaging Ireland.

SPG Packaging Ireland produces Silawrap Net Replacement Film which is wrapped around bales of grass, later used as feed for livestock. The film helps keep everything from wet to dry grass sealed tightly, which results in improved feed quality, better storage and increased farm profits.

To ship their product, SPG Packaging Ireland used to place rolls of their film into square boxes on pallets. As these boxes were traveling to customers in Ireland, France, Norway and New Zealand, they would sometimes get damaged.

“With Rollguard cradles, the film rolls are securely cradled and remain in excellent condition when they arrive to the customer.”

Rob Swannell, General Manager, Great Northern Rollguard


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How Did Rollguard Provide A Solution For SPG Packaging Ireland?

That’s when SPG Packaging Ireland reached out to Rollguard. They had the simple, but extremely effective solution for packaging the film rolls: roll cradle packaging. A  roll cradle works very differently than a box, fitting perfectly around the rolls and better withstanding possible damage during transit. As Rob Swannell, General Manager of Rollguard, pointed out: “Putting a round item in a square box looks its best when you pack it, but the box begins to lose its structural integrity during shipment. By the time it reaches the customer, the box can be in pretty bad shape.” But after switching to the Rollguard product, the film rolls were still in excellent condition by the time they got to the customer.

Brian McBride of SPG Packaging Ireland, shared his observations of what his customers appreciate the most about the new packaging product. “Because these film rolls are 1,420 mm long, it is easier for the customer to handle the roll itself rather than handling a box. They also appreciate having less cardboard to dispose of.” Even if the boxes that were previously used managed to hold up during shipping, there was still a significant amount of cardboard that had to be disposed of by the customer. Rollguard uses far less material. That material is made up of 100 percent recycled fibers, so after use, the cradle is 100 percent recyclable.

The cradles’ high durability and ease of assembly led to positive feedback from SPG Packaging Ireland and its customers, who no longer think poorly of the film product based on damaged packaging. From company to customer, Rollguard cradles keeps film rolls, and many other products, looking their best.

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