Roll Cradles for Roofing and Building Materials

An efficient packaging system that saves space and protects your products will reduce the time, materials and labor necessary during the shipping and handling process, resulting in optimal productivity and cost savings.

Rollguard’s roll cradles for building materials are lightweight and soft but durable, ensuring maximum product protection during the warehousing, shipping and handling processes. The 100% recyclable, thick wall molded pulp is strong enough to support heavy loads but gentle enough to avoid imprints or damage to softer materials.

What Are Roll Cradles?

Rollguard fiber cradles are an easy-to-use, sustainable and space-reducing packaging solution for cylindrical and rolled products — from rolled rubber roofing to roll-up doors. Our compact fiber roll cradles offer an efficient and convenient packaging solution for transporting and storing more products with less space. They’re also cleaner and safer to use than heavy wood dividers, which require nailing or stapling and produce sawdust.

Custom Reel Packaging for Roofing Materials

Our roll cradles are perfect for supporting all kinds of rolled roofing materials, including:

  • Rubber
  • EPDM
  • Thermoplastic polyolefin
  • Bitumen
  • Asphalt

Custom Reel Packaging for Building Materials

Our fiber cradles can also support rolled building materials, including:

  • House wrap
  • Reflective insulation 
  • Aluminum and steel flashing
  • Geotextile fabrics
  • Plastic sheeting 


Pallet Configuration for Roofing and Building Materials

Not sure which of our roll handling products is suitable for your pallet configuration? We eliminate any need for guesswork. Our pallet configuration tool makes finding the right fiber roll product fast and hassle-free.

Input the values for your roll configuration, the pallet width and the product diameter to discover which solution is best for you. Then request your free sample to have it delivered within the next three to four days so you can test it out.

The Benefits of Using Rollguard® for Packaging Solutions

In addition to a safely delivered product, some other advantages of using our innovative Rollguard® EU packaging solutions include:

  • Strength and durability: Our thick-walled molded fiber pulp cradles are approximately five to 10 millimeters thick, providing the perfect amount of strength and pliancy to support and cushion large loads.
  • Eco-friendliness: Our fiber cradles are made from 100% compostable recycled pulp, reducing your overall waste for a more sustainable production system.
  • Increased space and production efficiencies: Our durable fiber cradles are compact and lightweight, maximizing warehouse and factory floor space with fewer bundles and more components per pallet.
  • Easier unpacking: Reduce the time and labor necessary to load and unload freight with our lightweight fiber cradles.
  • Made in Germany: Our custom fiber roll cradles are made in and shipped straight from our warehouse in Germany, guaranteeing quick delivery.

Order Your Molded Pulp Cradles From Rollguard

We’re a premium molded fiber cradle company based in Germany, where our engineers and manufacturers personally design and fabricate our custom roll cradles. Our convenient location in central Europe enables us to deliver our packaging products quickly and at a reduced cost.

Contact a Rollguard® representative today to learn more about how we can help you save space, money and time.