Swiss Sense

Increased Efficiency and Product Quality for Swiss Sense  

Swiss Sense is a leading bed manufacturer in Europe, and they recently were looking for a solution to store their roll packed mattresses more efficiently in their warehouse. After learning about Rollguard, and their cradle solution, Swiss Sense has been able to increase productivity, enhance product quality and safely store their mattresses without wasting storage space. With over 100 years of experience, The Diks family has been designing, producing, selling and supplying beds across Europe. In 2006, the first Swiss Sense store was opened in the Netherlands, followed in 2014 by the opening of their first German store. Swiss Sense provides a complete range of sleep products, making good sleep a possibility for everyone.  

Increased Efficiency and Product Quality  

Swiss Sense was storing their AEROMAX, GAZELLA and IVAR mattresses on the ground level in their warehouse on 200x200cm pallets, and was using the pyramid stacking method for six rolls on a 100x200cm pallet in storage racks. Due to the weight of the mattresses, their 200x200cm pallets often broke leaving them with issues during transportation and product damage. With the pyramid stacking method, they were wasting valuable storage space and were facing issues handling the product.  

 “Rollguard cradles give us the opportunity to compactly store our mattresses safely in the air. This new way of storage was met with great enthusiasm from our internal team, and has led to increased productivity and product quality,” says Siebe Derks, Logistics Engineer, Swiss Sense.  

 Working with Rollguard, Swiss Sense improved product handling, increased productivity, and product quality, and significantly expanded the capacity of their vertical storage space.  

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