Roll Cradles for Filters and Mufflers

A pulp fiber cradle is a sustainable, space-saving packaging solution for cylindrical and rolled products, from mixed media fabric rolls to steel mufflers.

Our Rollguard® fiber cradles offer a lightweight, compact storage solution for maximizing floor space while increasing capacity with more cylindrical parts per pallet. The 100% compostable thick molded pulp material is durable for heavy loads yet soft to the touch to protect products during shipping, handling and warehousing processes.

Reel Packing for Filters

Air filters are made of fiberglass, polyester, cotton, hog hair, and foam materials. These devices allow clean air to enter an engine for the combustion process. Rollguard offers custom roll cradles for filter reels of most lengths and diameters, giving you peace of mind that your products will reach their destinations safely.


Reel Packaging for Mufflers

A muffler — or silencer — is a critical part of an exhaust system that quiets the noise of the internal combustion engine. Materials used in these devices include ceramic, fiberglass, titanium, stainless steel wool and galvanized steel. Regardless of your business’s unique pallet configuration and muffler diameter, Rollguard will provide the roll cradles for mufflers that work best for you.

The Benefits of Using Rollguard® for Packaging Solutions

In addition to effortless organization and space savings, the core advantages of switching to molded pulp roll cradles include:

  • Strength and durability: Our pulp cradles are thick-walled, providing the stability and resiliency necessary to accommodate heavy loads.
  • Sustainability: Our cradles are made of 100% recyclable pulp material to help you reduce waste.
  • Efficiency: With less material necessary per skid and the ability to double-stack your cylindrical products and fabric reels, you can increase floor space and reduce packaging material costs and waste.
  • Easier unpacking: Loading and unloading your freight is easier than ever with our clean, lightweight and recyclable cradles.
  • Made in Germany: Your custom Rollguard fiber cradles are designed, manufactured and shipped from our warehouse in Germany, ensuring fast delivery with minimal freight expenses.

Pallet Configuration for Filters

Need help determining which of our roll cradles is right for your filter or muffler material pallet configuration? Our easy-to-use pallet configuration tool takes away the need for guesswork. Enter the number of rolls and the values for your pallet width and product diameter to learn which of our products are suitable for your application.

Once you’ve found the correct product, request your free sample so you can try it out before purchasing your cradles in bulk. We’ll deliver your sample product in three to four business days.

Contact Rollguard® Today for Your Custom Roll Cradles

We’re a top-quality molded fiber cradle manufacturer based in Germany. Our engineers and manufacturers design and manufacture our custom reel packaging solutions for mufflers and filters in-house. Our convenient, central Europe location lets us deliver your roll cradles quickly, efficiently and at a reduced cost.

Contact one of our representatives today to order your custom fiber roll cradles for filters or mufflers.